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Staff your agency with a skilled caregiver who can provide memory care.

Sometimes, the home is not the best place to be for a person with memory and cognitive problems. Memory care facilities are long-term care providers that provide a specialized facility where patients with cognitive problems can safely go about their day. A specially trained nursing care team provides residents with medical monitoring, 24-hour supervision, help with personal care, and companionship in activities to ensure that they get to live full lives.

Looking for Candidates or Care Providers?

We can help. Friendship Services HomeCare/Staffing allows you to access a network of certified candidates or job positions, depending on your needs. Our expertise in healthcare recruitment ensures precise hirings which help improve services overall.

Our process involves:

  • 5. Assessment
  • 6. Shortlisting
  • 7. Hiring Coordination
  • 8. Follow-Ups

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