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Effective Strategies to Improve Hygiene in Seniors


Poor personal hygiene contributes to depression, skin infections, and other health problems in seniors. Maintaining good hygiene is often challenging for seniors due to low energy and impaired mobility. Hence, many rely on home care services in Clinton Township, Michigan,to meet their needs. With this in mind, we have gathered strategies to enhance hygiene in seniors:

  • Identify the underlying issues.
    Get to know why your senior loved one has neglected their hygiene. Sometimes, the reason may be as simple as a fear of slipping in the shower. Understanding the reasons behind this change will open up the discussion of how to address these issues.
  • Increase bathroom safety.
    Even if safety is not a primary reason or concern for your loved one, increasing bathroom safety will prevent fall-related injuries and increase overall safety and comfort. Simple adjustments like improving the lighting or installing grab bars can encourage seniors to tend to their personal care needs.
  • Develop a hygiene routine.
    Develop a hygiene routine to make it easier to perform daily tasks like showering. In addition to healthcare staffing in Michigan, we offer home care services to help seniors with tasks like bathing, grooming, dressing, and more. Our caregivers can keep the bathroom safe and assist seniors with hygiene tasks with respect and compassion.
  • Make use of hygiene aids.
    Hygiene aids like long-handled shower brushes and shower chairs can make bathing easier for seniors. These personal hygiene aids can encourage seniors to care for their needs without compromising safety.

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