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The Answer to Your Healthcare Needs!


The workers and home care services are two of the components that make up the healthcare industry. Thus, Friendship Services & Home Care Staffing provides a two-in-one solution to your healthcare needs! Whether you’re a business owner looking for the right people to join your team or an individual that needs extra support at home, we have the answer to your demands. As someone managing a healthcare facility, you have to seek the right candidates that have the same dedication as your company. This is where we wanted to be of help.

We provide healthcare staffing in Clinton Township, Michigan where you can count on our expertise in selecting competent people for you. We see to it that they undergo relevant training and are fully equipped with the necessary knowledge to serve your clients. Know that we have a meticulous process in sorting out the best staff that will fit your specific requirements. With us, you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding applicants on your own. You can just ask for assistance from us. Rest assured that you will be able to form the team you desired with our staffing solutions.

There may be other agencies that offer home care staffing in Michigan, but take comfort in knowing that we are not only committed to helping you. We see to it that our services are always of high quality to ensure that your needs will be met. We strive hard for your satisfaction as our clients and we promise not to disappoint you. Please feel free to contact us at any time should you need any of our services!

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