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Ways to Make Your Home Extra Safe for Seniors


With age comes a variety of changes. Such changes may affect the body in many ways and may affect comfort, way of life, and especially their safety.

Safety is the thing most affected by age. With wobbly joints, prone-to-pain backs, and age-related conditions that may affect mobility, seniors are more at risk of slips, trips, and falls that may result in grave injuries. This is why safety precautions are an absolute must to prevent falls and other safety hazards.

Do you have a senior loved one at home? If so, here are some ways to make your home extra safe for your senior folks, according to a provider of home care staffing in Michigan:

  • Provide Support Handrails
    Support handrails provide extra support and stability to your senior loved one, especially when they get up. These rails give them something to hold on to, which may prevent stumbles.
  • Keep Pathways Adequately Lit
    Seniors’ eyesight is not as reliable as younger adults’. Keeping pathways, hallways, and stairways adequately lit, especially at night, allows them to see obstacles clearly when they walk, thereby preventing trips and slips.
  • Ensure Rugs are Slip-Proof
    Rugs and carpets tend to cause slips and falls. To prevent such unfortunate situations and ensure the safety of your senior loved one as they move around the house, ensuring rugs and carpets are slip-proof is highly crucial.

Provide Assistance and Avail of Home Care Services in Clinton Township, Michigan

Assistance can go a long way to a senior and can provide them support as they move around. Home care services are also designed to ensure safety! But make sure to hire professionals from a trusted provider of healthcare staffing in Michigan.

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